Qt 6 的新功能

Qt 6 让您比以前更快地为多种设备和平台开发具有直观用户界面的应用程序。开发很容易采用 Qt Creator ,让您设计、编码、测试及部署 Qt 应用程序。Qt 6 高度兼容 Qt 5。Qt 5 应用程序开发者可以在保留应用程序功能的同时无缝迁移到 Qt 6。

采用 Qt 开发用户界面

Qt 为开发者提供了两种 UI 框架: Qt Widgets and Qt Quick . Qt Widgets 跨平台且紧密集成桌面外观及感觉。 Qt Quick UI 具有流畅动态动画,且对触摸界面有优化。可以采用 C++ 实现小部件 UI,也可以采用 QML 和 JavaScript 声明实现 Qt Quick UI。 用户界面 页面比较了 Qt Quick 和 Qt Widgets UI。

设计 UI

Qt Quick Designer lets you design UIs from within Qt Creator. You can import 2D and 3D assets, animate components, and create layouts. Testing the designs is possible through a live preview on devices are through an online browser.

If you only design UIs and don't need the developer tools and functions, you can use Qt Design Studio . It enables you to define the look and feel of the UI from wireframe to final implementation with preset UI components. You can import UI design files from 2D and 3D tools to Qt Design Studio, which can turn them into code for developers. Qt Design Studio prototyping features bring your designs to life and simulate and validate interactions and dynamic behavior. You can test, preview, and fine-tune your designs to pixel-perfection live on the desktop or target device.


Qt Creator is a complete IDE for developing Qt applications. You can setup project files, code, debug, package, and deploy from within Qt Creator. You can configure either CMake or qmake 以构建工程,当使用向导模板创建它们时。


Qt 跨平台且可以部署到不同设备和平台。 Qt Creator 拥有用于不同平台和设备的内置工程模板及套件。此外,可以移植 Qt 并创建自定义目标采用 Qt Platform Abstraction .

Qt 必需和 Qt 附件

Qt 6 的安装体验比以前更轻松、更灵活。安装包括 Qt 必需 和一些最常用 Qt 附件 . The Qt Add-Ons are moved outside of the main installation, but still available by running the installer. You can read the list of Qt modules in the Qt 模块 页面。


新特征按 Qt 版本